Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008-11-19 Wednesday - QCon 2008 Day-1 conclusions

QCon 2008 Day-1 impressions and conclusions

I have found Mecca...the Holy Land.

So often I've paid to attend a conference - and felt that there were spots of "goodness" in the sessions that typically stretch on throughout a long day/week - but rarely felt that I was really getting my money's worth for the not insignificant time and expense that I sacrificed to travel and to attend a conference.

Not so today. Every session I have attended today has been right on target with the particular interests I have as an enterprise architect.

The speakers assembled for QCon 2008 are top-shelf, world class, industry recognized heavy-weights.

I look around the conference session meeting room - and during lunch today - and in every conversation that I have overheard or been engaged in - I have found thoughtful people that have similiar concerns and interests relative to the topic of enterprise architecture.