Sunday, July 20, 2008

2008-07-20 Sunday

SOA antipatterns: The obstacles to the adoption and successful realization of Service-Oriented Architecture

Did you Perform a Silo Analysis as part of your SOA Implementation?

REST Eye for the SOA Guy

Debunking Common Refactoring Misconceptions

Introduction to Agile for Traditional Project Managers provides a directory to some public/free web services that can be useful when training team members on using such tools as soapUI. offers a free 30-day evaluation of their service.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

2008-07-06 Sunday

I typically use Eclipse for the majority of my development work - or Microsoft Visual Studio. However, there are times when you just need to make some quick edits of config or xml files. For those tasks, I have typically used Windows Notepad - but always feeling that I wanted a better tool. In the last year I've adopted Notepad++ - and have been incredibly pleased with its ease of use, features, and utilities.

This recent article on may be of interest if you are interested in adding some power to your text editing tools: 35 Useful Source Code Editors Reviewed

They also recently posted a very useful article identifying 55 Free High Quality Icon Sets

JProbe 8.0: The Java code, memory, and coverage profiler is back

The Personal Retrospective – Improving Your "Wetware"

This is a well written, insightful, and useful article by Ted Barbusinski, Published: June 16, 2008 (SOA Magazine Issue XIX: June 2008)
SOA Engineering Focal Points

Recently I was debugging a complex Java application deployment problem that involved many jar dependencies. I found the following tip helpful.

Launching Java Applications Programmatically
"In the Eclipse SDK, the command line used to launch a Java application can be viewed by selecting the associated process or debug target in the Debug View, and selecting Properties from the context menu. This displays a dialog containing the command line (including the classpath option) generated to launch a Java application. Examining the command used to launch a process can be useful when diagnosing launch problems."

As another technique, the latest release of Eclipse (Gaynamede) now supports a new feature: Runnable JAR export wizard
The Runnable JAR File Export wizard can create a JAR file based on a launch configuration. The generated JAR file contains all class files from the project including class files from required JARs and projects.

The generated JAR can be executed with the command:

java -jar generated_file.jar

GlassFish V3.0 on Eclipse Ganymede


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