Monday, June 22, 2020

2020-06-22 Monday - Product Improvement Suggestions for Microsoft Teams

Today I've shared the following product improvement suggestions with Aya Tange (Product Marketing Manager | Microsoft Teams at Microsoft),

1) Ability to drag-and-drop contacts from one Contact Group - to another.   

2) When in a Team Meeting - the ability to dock and hide that annoying navigation bar across the lower portion of the screen.  

3) A configuration option to include all calls in Activity view (for a consolidated and single view of my history)   

4) An option within a Meeting Chat - to be able to export the chat history to: Word, PDF - or, perhaps copy to OneNote.  

5) A way to configure the default screen background - and eliminate the need to set it again, and again, and again - for every call.

6) A way to view all recent chat history (including chat from within calls) 

7) Add option in Settings > General to be able to change the font size used

Sunday, June 21, 2020

2020-06-21 Sunday - Manning Publications - 2020 Books of Interest

There are many excellent new titles (and some updated 2nd editions) - coming later this year, that may be of interest  (and benefit) to you (or, members of your organization) - from Manning Publications Co. , and I look forward to hopefully having a chance to review many of them.

Check them out here (in publication date order):

For example:
  • GraphQL in Action
  • Kubernetes in Action, Second Edition
  • Blockchain in Action
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition
  • Microservices Security in Action
  • API Security in Action
  • Graph Databases in Action
  • Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Rust in Action
  • Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition
  • Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform  
  • Kafka in Action
  • Math for Programmers
  • Modern Fortran
  • Terraform in Action 
  • React Hooks in Action
  • Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition
  • Grokking Machine Learning
  • Microservices in .NET Core, Second Edition
  • Quantum Computing for Developers
  • Core Kubernetes
  • Exploring Data with R
  • Functional Programming in Kotlin
  • Getting Started with Natural Language Processing
  • GitOps and Kubernetes
  • Istio in Action
  • R in Action, Third Edition
  • PySpark in Action
  • Spring Security in Action
  • Getting Started with Kubernetes
  • Spring in Action, Sixth Edition  

Saturday, June 20, 2020

2020-06-20 Saturday - Development Tooling Updates

Photo by Alex Kondratiev on Unsplash

I've spent some time this evening updating a few of my development tools:

 go (1.14.4)

R (4.0.1)

Node.js (14.4.0)

Java, OpenJDK (14.0.1)

Python (3.8.3)

Visual Studio Code (1.46.1)

Visual Studio 2019 (16.6.2)

Eclipse (2020-06, 4.16)

Sparx Enterprise Architect (15.1, Build 1529)

LibreOffice (6.4.4)

Windows 10, Version 2004


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