Thursday, October 20, 2022

2022-10-20 Thursday - Keys to a Productive Life

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

 Re: my reply to the question raised by Brian de Haaf (Co-founder and CEO at Aha!)
"A doctor today asked me how to best have a productive life? I was not thrilled with my answer in retrospect. What would your suggestions be?"

1. Rest before you get tired
2. Don't skimp on sleep
3. Good nutrition
4. Make time to exercise
5. Make time to "re-create" (i.e., recreation, play, learn, explore, art, music, painting, sculpture, writing)
6. Periodically pause to reflect/analyze how you can do, what you do, better-faster-efficiently
7. Nourish the spirit by reaching out to encourage, uplift, help others
8. Improve how-you-learn: Develop ways to organize/retain what you learn
9. Prioritize what matters
10. Be the bowling ball - find the key pin: those things that will have a multiplier-effect


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