Friday, June 11, 2021

2021-06-11 Friday - Not All Problems Need Fixing


Image by Andy Gries from Pixabay

Some years ago, I was involved in a significant client project to migrate quite a few legacy systems to a new platform.

As I diligently attempted to analyze the complexity of the data clean-up and migration effort - another Yoda-level Enterprise Architect sitting next to me began asking a few questions.

He quickly (and quite stunningly surmised, correctly - after just a few SQL queries) - that the cost/effort to complete the data cleansing and migration effort for that particular system would *far* exceed the most optimistic ROI - based on the rather bleak revenue projections for that particular system.

His astounding intuitive leap - that the business should sell the book of business that was contained in that small system - was a masterful stroke.

I keep that lesson close - for while I may have a hammer in my tool kit - not all problems are nails, and not all "houses" are worthy of rehab.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

2021-06-03 Thursday - A Balance-of-Forces


Image by Einfach-Eve from Pixabay

 When developing a solution recommendation - I pay particular attention to careful consideration of the following balance-of-forces considerations:

  1. The impact, capacity, capabilities, and constraints of the organization itself.
  2. The impact, capacity, capabilities, and constraints of the third-parties that may be involved.
  3. The potential trade-offs of the recommended solution in supporting/enabling current and future needs.

There are times when this balancing act leads to recommendations that may seem counter-intuitive - that might exclude choices that are considered in vogue, hip, cool, leading-edge. 

But, just a physician seeks to treat a patient in a holistic manner - so too, do I, seek to treat the enterprise.



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