Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022-12-31 Saturday - End-of-Year Personal Metrics for 2022

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2022 Personal Metrics

  • 191 git commits (mostly in my personal knowledge management repositories)
  • 12,986 lines (including blanks, 131,677 words) in my private "2022 Technology Reading List" notes file (2,984 links to articles, videos, etc.) - a catch-all of what I've read/found to be interesting - and may want to be able to find/recall/reference in the future.


Thursday, December 01, 2022

2022-12-01 Thursday - 2023 Challenge - Plant The Seeds of Your Own Renewal


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If, in the last 12 haven't...

  • Read at least three books, research papers, etc.related to new ideas, new approaches, breakthrough ideas - in your particular area of discipline.
  • Written and published something (,, your own blog, a podcast, a book, a zine, a conference presentation, a paper, an article, etc.)...communicating something that you have learned, tried, failed at, succeeded at, explored, ...
  • Made at least 25 new professional connections...
  • Offered to make at least 5 new introductions...on behalf of others...with no goal of gain, or advantage, to yourself...
  • Read a book completely unrelated to your particular discipline...simply because you are curious enough to learn about some other field...just because...
  • Learned a new skill - or practiced improving an existing skill - outside of your particular discipline...

Then, my friend - I challenge you to plant some new seeds in plant the seeds of your own renewal - to embrace the idea of defining some new personal goals/challenges for yourself in 2023 - and make time for yourself, invest in yourself, plant seeds for your own future - and your own personal growth.


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

2022-11-22 Tuesday - Benefits of an EA Tool

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Here are some of the benefits of an Enterprise Architecture tool (and repository) - that immediately come to mind:

  • Supports reuse of design artifacts - and RAPID dependency & impact analysis - thus helping accelerate speed-of-delivery, and supports risks analysis - which in turns help with planning risk mitigation strategies (e.g., security, operations, performance, duplication of functionality, waste/costs, ...) 
  • Supports Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) - and application rationalization efforts 
  •  Supports IT Governance mechanisms (e.g., for ARC, TRC/TRM, Security, Infrastructure) 
  •  Acts as an IT knowledge repository - so the organization is not at risk of "tribal knowledge" walking out the door.
  • Supports Agile processes - by serving as a shared repository of AS-IS, TO-BE, Roadmaps, and reusable artifacts - and helping improve analysis for development of Epics, Stories, and Tasks.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

2022-10-20 Thursday - Keys to a Productive Life

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

 Re: my reply to the question raised by Brian de Haaf (Co-founder and CEO at Aha!)
"A doctor today asked me how to best have a productive life? I was not thrilled with my answer in retrospect. What would your suggestions be?"

1. Rest before you get tired
2. Don't skimp on sleep
3. Good nutrition
4. Make time to exercise
5. Make time to "re-create" (i.e., recreation, play, learn, explore, art, music, painting, sculpture, writing)
6. Periodically pause to reflect/analyze how you can do, what you do, better-faster-efficiently
7. Nourish the spirit by reaching out to encourage, uplift, help others
8. Improve how-you-learn: Develop ways to organize/retain what you learn
9. Prioritize what matters
10. Be the bowling ball - find the key pin: those things that will have a multiplier-effect

Friday, September 30, 2022

2022-09-30 Friday: Book Review: Deciphering Object-Oriented Programming with C++


[image source:]

Deciphering Object-Oriented Programming with C++: A practical, in-depth guide to implementing object-oriented design principles to create robust code

Author: Dorothy R. Kirk

Dorothy R. Kirk has been working with OO technologies since nearly their inception. She began by working in R&D for General Electric in 1989. After contributing to multiple C++ projects, she became a charter member of GE’s Advanced Concepts Center to utilize OO technologies in their commercial training and consulting endeavor. She later started her own OO Training and Consulting business, which today is primarily focused on OOP in C++ and Java. She additionally programs in Python.

Ms. Kirk provides training and consulting in OO technologies to clients spanning industries such as finance, transportation, software, embedded systems, manufacturing, and medical imaging. Her courses can be seen at Ms. Kirk’s interests include OOP, distributed and multi-threaded programming, and programming language internals.

She has a B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Delaware and a M.S. in Computer Science from Temple University.

Pages: 594

Publication Date: September 23, 2022

Disclosure: Dorothy is a friend that I have known for 28 years. We first met - very briefly - on a shuttle bus from an airport - to our respective client offices on Wall Street, back in 1994. She was on her way to lead a C++ programming training session - and we exchanged business cards. In 1995, I reached out to her and engaged her to help train/coach/mentor several engineering teams on learning C++ programming for a $100M+ project. She is a highly regarded world-class expert in her field of C++ programming - and I am fortunate to have personally & professionally benefited from her valuable training.

My review posted to Amazon:

Review Summary

An excellent addition to the C++ programming space - written by a master teacher - with a keen eye to communicating and elevating the reader's technical skill. This book is no mere superficial pass over the topic of C++ programming - but is an in-depth approach that will provide you with the necessary foundations to master C++ - and to stand-out among your peers.

This book should be on your shelf - next to Bjarne Stroustrup's books on C++. 

There are 21 Code in Action companion videos – as well as a robust collection of code samples for the various chapters in a companion github repository.

The writing is clear, concise, and crisp (my highest praise for any writing).

One of the greatest benefits of reading this book – is that you will learn how to write C++  code that is correct, performant, and reliable.

*Just* a few examples of what I think will be particularly useful for new C++ programmers:

Chapters 3 and 4 (“Indirect Referencing – Pointers”, “Indirect Referencing – References”) are two excellent examples of the clear explanations that will help many programmers improve their understanding of C++.

Chapter 6 (“Implementing Hierarchies with Single Inheritance”) is a good example of the depth of understanding that you will gain from reading this book – that is seldom covered by other authors.

Chapter 7 (“Utilizing Dynamic Binding through Polymorphism”) is one of those plateaus in understanding that differentiates programmers that hack C code in C++ files vs. true masters of C++’s powerful capabilities.

Chapter 9 (“Exploring Multiple Inheritance”) will teach you not only the WHAT and HOW – but the WHY.

Chapter 10 (“Implementing Association, Aggregation, Composition”) clearly explains these important concepts.

Chapter 15 (“Understanding STL Basics”) may well be worth the price of the book.

Chapter 19 (“Using the Singleton Pattern”) explores some keen insights into how to implement the Singleton Pattern – so that your solution is more robust – and not an anti-pattern.

Companion materials:

Book Structure

Part 1: C++ Building Block Essentials

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Basic C++ Assumptions
  • Chapter 2: Adding Language Necessities
  • Chapter 3: Indirect Addressing – Pointers
  • Chapter 4: Indirect Addressing – References

 Part 2: Implementing Object-Oriented Concepts in C++

  • Chapter 5: Exploring Classes in Detail
  • Chapter 6: Implementing Hierarchies with Single Inheritance
  • Chapter 7: Utilizing Dynamic Binding through Polymorphism
  • Chapter 8: Mastering Abstract Classes
  • Chapter 9: Exploring Multiple Inheritance
  • Chapter 10: Implementing Association, Aggregation, and Composition

Part 3: Expanding Your C++ Programming Repertoire

  • Chapter 11: Handling Exceptions
  • Chapter 12: Friends and Operator Overloading
  • Chapter 13: Working with Templates
  • Chapter 14: Understanding STL Basics
  • Chapter 15: Testing Classes and Components
Part 4: Design Patterns and Idioms in C++
  • Chapter 16: Using the Observer Pattern
  • Chapter 17: Applying the Factory Pattern
  • Chapter 18: Applying the Adapter Pattern
  • Chapter 19: Using the Singleton Pattern
  • Chapter 20: Removing Implementation Details Using the pImpl Pattern

Part 5: Considerations for Safer Programming in C++

  • Chapter 21: Making C++ Safer


Sunday, August 14, 2022

John Vigor's Black Box Theory - The Fifth Essential

 There is much good wisdom to be found - and applied - in the world of sailing, in technology, in business, and in everyday life - from reading John Vigor's "Black Box Theory" - aka "The Fifth Essential"

Sunday, May 22, 2022

2022-05-22 Sunday - Book Review - Deep Learning with Python, 2nd Edition


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Deep Learning with Python, 2nd Edition, by François Chollet


I will use a word that I reserve for only the very best writing: "Crisp".

The author takes the reader on a journey of discovery - and carefully explains concepts, techniques, and strategies.

There are so many good books in the AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning space - this is my #1 recommendation for anyone wanting to initially explore Deep Learning.



I suggested this book, for acquisition, to the Bellevue Public Library (King County, Washington State) - which was subsequently acquired - and allowed me to be the first library member to read it.



Friday, May 20, 2022

2022-05-20 Friday: Book Review - Kafka In Action



Kafka In Action 

 Authors: Dylan Scott, Viktor Gamov, Dave Klein

272 pages

Publication Date: February 15, 2022


 A solid, well-written book

I liked the clarity of the writing, the applicability of the code examples, and the clean/crisp illustrations.

This is a useful book for folks new to Kafka - as well as managers and architects - who may wish to understand Kafka at a deeper technical level. 


I suggested this book, for acquisition, to the Bellevue Public Library (King County, Washington State) - which was subsequently acquired - and allowed me to be the first library member to read it.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

2022-05-19 Thursday: Book Review - Spring in Action, 6th Edition


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Spring in Action, 6th Edition

"Fully revised for Spring 5.3"

Last night I finished reading Craig Walls Spring in Action, 6th Edition (published by Manning Publications Co. - and enjoyed the excellent writing, level of detail - and the pace of the material presented. An excellent book if you are looking to learn about Spring - or if you just wanted to do a quick refresh of your knowledge.



I suggested this book, for acquisition, to the Bellevue Public Library (King County, Washington State) - which was subsequently acquired - and allowed me to be the first library member to read it.




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