Thursday, April 09, 2015

2015-04-09 Thursday - Martin Odersky Scala Days Keynote

This year, Scala Days was held in San Francisco March 16th-18th.

Martin Odersky's presentation from his keynote is available here.

2015-04-09 Thursday - Sparx Enterprise Architect 12

I've been a long-time user of the most excellent Sparx Enterprise Architect tool - and recently upgraded to Sparx Enterprise Architect 12 - and must say, I find it to be a pleasant surprise and significant improvement over previous versions: Fast, Crisp, Elegant.

You'll notice in the Project Browser window (in the upper right-hand corner) - there is now support for doing iPhone and Android Wireframes.

I've just sent an inquiry to Sparx to request permission to develop some training programs (to offer my clients, and publicly) - and to prepare some short free video tutorials that I could upload to YouTube in the near future.

2015-04-09 Thursday - Apache Qpid AMQP Messaging

Today I'm spending some time exploring Apache Qpid's AMQP messaging features

2015-04-09 Thursday - Java SE 8 Lambda Quick Start

I happened to come across this excellent tutorial today in the Oracle Learning Library:
Java SE 8: Lambda Quick Start

This is an excellent introduction for developers to help them understand the benefit of Java SE 8 Lambda expression features.

Based on my experience leading Java code reviews over the last 5 years for large corporations - I would estimate that those companies could achieve at least a 20-30% reduction in the size of their code bases by the judicious adoption of Java SE 8 Lambda expression capabilities.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

2015-04-02 Thursday - PostgreSQL 9.4 JSON Support

I'm experimenting with the JSON support features in PostgreSQL 9.4 - this post is a placeholder for interesting things I want to remember.

PostgreSQL JSON related blog posts by others:

PostgreSQL documentation links:

2015-04-02 Thursday - PHP 7.0 aka PHPNG (Next Generation)

I'm doing a bit of background reading this afternoon - to refresh myself with the current state / future direction of PHP.  Over the years I've created a few web sites, tools, and frameworks with PHP for my own internal use  (e.g. a portfolio analysis web application, a rapid application development framework, CRUD/DTO modules emitted by a general purpose polyglot code generator).

There's a potential opportunity that might involve some PHP related architecture work - so this is a placeholder for some of my reading today:

Dmitry Stogov's presentation: PHPNG A New Core for PHP7

Some noteable discussions of the PHPNG performance improvements...

2015-04-02 Thursday - Visual Studio 2015 pricing

I noted that the pricing for Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise is much better than the previous Ultimate pricing...

There will be three main editions: Community, Professional w/MSDN, and Enterprise w/MSDN


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