Saturday, July 30, 2011

2011-07-30 Saturday - Mobile Application Development Resources
Mobiletuts+ is all about quality tutorials for mobile developers – all mobile developers. Topics will include native development with the iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms, cross-platform development with tools like Appcelerator and Phone Gap, and techniques for building mobile accessible web sites with HTML 5.

OpenPlug Studio
 (an Alcatel-Lucent venture?)
OpenPlug Studio is a free tool for mobile and tablet applications development.
From a single code base you can now build for all platforms and get the best of web development plus a native user experience in your apps.

In-App Payments


Hello, World

Managing Virtual Devices

In-App Billing

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011-07-27 Wednesday - Dean Wampler on Functional Programming

A friend and former colleague, Dean Wampler, has a new book coming out tomorrow (July 28, 2011):  Functional Programming for Java Developers

He also recently gave a presentation at the 2011 O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention),  
Become a Better Developer with Functional Programming

His presentation [pdf]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011-07-23 Saturday - Ceylon, JVM-based programming language

While reading some comments about the new Jetbrains Kotlin JVM-based programming language, I happened to come across Gavin King's work on the JBoss Ceylon JVM-based programming language...

2011-07-23 Saturday - Kotlin JVM-based programming language

I came across this June 14, 2011 presentation slide deck by Carson Gross this weekend...

Language Features As A Library Using Gosu’s Open Type System With External DSLs

...while reviewing the agenda and presentations from the 2011 JVM Language Summit

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011-07-09 Sunday - Eclipse 3.7 Indigo Upgrade

This weekend I've spent some time upgrading to the Eclipse 3.7 Indigo release.

I'm still evaluating the compatibility of the following plugins...






Spring IDE

SQL Explorer

Scala IDE
- It appears that I'm encountering a similar problem as this recently reported Scala IDE defect:
(#1000447 IDE failing)

Amazon AWS IDE
Android IDE

Memory Analyzer

Java Decompiler

Regex Testing Plugin

C++ Development

PHP Development (may only be compatible with Helios/3.6?)

2012-04-28 Update:
I recently added this tool (Toad) to my collection of useful Eclipse plugins

2012-05-05 Update:
Recently added git plugin 
install git for Windows:  

2012-09-12 Update:
VJET JavaScript IDE is an Eclipse plugin that provides a fully integrated development environment for JavaScript 

2012-12-05 Update:
 While upgrading to GlassFish - I discovered that the previous link for the Glass Application Server plugin within Eclipse was causing a problem. 

The correct link to use: 

Subsequently, I ran into this problem:

...and then had to uncheck "Use Anonymous Connection for Admin Commands" - since I was getting
INFO: User [] from host does not have administration access


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