Sunday, November 02, 2008

2008-11-02 Sunday - Fail Fast

I mentioned in a previous blog post this weekend "Fail Fast, Learn Early". After writing that I thought, I wonder what others have said before about "Fail Fast"?

Here are a few of the interesting links I found:

Kate Gregory: Fail Fast. I spent some time reading a bit more of Kate's other postings - and highly recommend her blog as another one to visit often.

Jim Shore (of Martin Fowler's ThoughWworks): Fail Fast. A short pdf on the technical aspects of Java code exceptions - but still pertinent to the idea of failing fast in the more general business / management context - and a great technical article.

Redefining Business: Ready, Set, Fail
Speed and innovation compel businesses to build a culture of positive failure
By Chris Murphy and Diane Rezendes Khirallah

Joshua Porter: The Freedom of Fast Iterations: How Netflix Designs a Winning Web Site Learning Mastery 3 - Fail Early, Fail Often