Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008-11-19 Wednesday - QCon 2008 Day-1 morning

Disclaimer: There may be some many mistakes/errors in my blog notes for QCon over the next few days - as I am writing these posts while I'm sitting in sessions - and much of these notes are stream-of-consciousness - as I try to keep up with the presenters.

I'm in San Francisco attending QCon 2008 this week.

Martin Fowler gave a good keynote (with Rebecca Parsons) this morning - which I arrived 1/2 way through due to a slight flight arrival delay.


10:15AM...Gregg Pollack kicked-off the Ruby track

11AM...I'm sitting in a Ruby presentation that is currently covering Merb
Presenter: Matt Aimonetti, he maintains blogs at:

One interesting point made during this morning's Ruby presentations: Ruby's historical bad performance reputation may not be currently valid given certain performance improvements (e.g. Merb compared to raw PHP, leading PHP frameworks, Django, Rails, Code Igniter, etc.)

Merb has three architecture layers (extension points ?):

Merb's adaptability allows replacing core functionality with custom implementations

Benefits of Merb for developing/deploying Ruby applications:
- scalability
- performance
- modularity
- small memory footprint

- Ruby is not slow
- Merb is flexible
- Merb is modular
- Merb is very scalable

- is using Merb for some backend components

- Wikipedia is investigating possible usage of Merb

- Matz (developer of Ruby) "Merb has a bright future...[thinks] will give users more freedom in a Ruby-ish way of programming"