Friday, November 14, 2008

2008-11-14 Friday - Continuous Integration with Hudson, Subversion, and Glassfish

I'm giving a presentation at this year's Seattle Code Camp, 4.0 on November 15th, 9AM, Saturday morning in Redmond, Washington on the topic of Continuous Integration (with Hudson, Subversion, and Glassfish). In preparation for giving my talk, I've assembled a collection of links to resources that may be of interest to others:

Continuous Integration

Martin Fowler's CI paper

ThoughtWorks CI Feature Matrix


Hudson at

Meet Hudson

Hudson Best Practices

Getting started with Hudson

Writing a Hudson plugin (Part 6 - Parsing the results)

...more tutorials on developing Hudson plugins

Improving the Engineering Process Through Automation by Hudson

Continuous Integration and Code Inspection with Hudson and FindBugs

Rama Pulavarthi's Blog: Hudson@JavaOne 2008

Java Power Tools

The Java Power Tools Bootcamp courses

Eric Lefevre-Ardant on Java & Agile

Installing Hudson,Ssh,Svn,Trac,Tomcat,Maven,Ant from Scratch on my Ubuntu 8.04 Machine

Hudson - Tips and Tricks

Handy Dandy Hudson trick

Carlo Bonamic's presentation: Continuous Integration With Hudson

Hudson embraces Python
Using Hudson as a Continuous Integration tool for Python

Installing Hudson,Ssh,Svn,Trac,Tomcat,Maven,Ant from Scratch on a Ubuntu 8.04 Machine

Matthew McEachen: Getting started with Hudson

[Howto] Setting up a Continuous Integration Server for Grails with Hudson on VMWare

Hudson Gant plugin

A system tray icon for monitoring Hudson with Eclipse RCP

Running Gant builds in Hudson - Hudson’s so Groovy - CI with Hudson tutorial

Versioning a Hudson job configuration

Some alternatives to Hudson...

Apache Continuum

Atlassian Bamboo


Want more alternatives?









Glassfish at

Other Continuous Integration / Build Related Resources

IBM Developerworks: Technical library view: Code Quality series

IBM Developerworks: Forum: Improve Your Java Code Quality

IBM Developerworks: Spot defects early with Continuous Integration

What's Wrong with Build Systems in Java Today?

Interview: John Ferguson Smart, Author of Java Power Tools

IBM Developerworks: Distributed compilation

One build platform to rule them all?

CruiseControl Best Practices: not just for java

fusemetrics - Build Metrics Dashboard

2009-01-31 Updates

I've come across a few interesting links recently:

Sonatype blog, John Casey: The Hudson Build Farm Experience, Volume I

Git Integration with Hudson and Trac

My friend Nicholas Whitehead's JavaWorld article: Continuous integration with Hudson
(examples are given for Windows XP with Tomcat 6 or Ubuntu Linux with JBoss AS)

Kohsuke Kawaguchi's Blog: Hudson usage analysis

2009-02-02 Monday Updates

Automatically deploy to Glassfish using Hudson

2009-02-16 Monday UPdates

Guide to building .NET projects using Hudson

Monitoring External Jobs

Distributed Builds


Securing Hudson

Remote Access API

2009-05-16 Saturday Update:
Continuous Release and Upgrade of Component-Based Software
Tijs van der Storm
Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009-06-27 Saturday Update:
Ryan de Laplante: Creating a Windows service for Glassfish V2