Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009-01-31 Saturday - SOA Links

Arun Pareek's presentation posted on Open Source SOA

Infoq: Case Study: Success with SOA at CISCO
(original SOA Consortium article)

Infoq: Optaros and MuleSource Help Nespresso With Next-Generation SOA Solution

OPenESB > Project Fuji > About
Project Fuji forms the core component of Open ESB v3 effort and represents Sun's next generation open source integration runtime, focused on providing a lightweight, developer-friendly, and extensible platform for composite application development.

At the core of Project Fuji is a lightweight micro-kernel based on JBI (JSR 208) and OSGi. Packaged as an OSGi bundle, the micro-kernel can be installed in any OSGi R4 compliant runtime (such as Felix, Knopflerfish or Equinox), including GlassFish v3. JSR 208 support introduces a robust, message-based service bus to the OSGi environment and allows the wide range of existing JBI "components" (adapters and containers) to run in Fuji.

Developer experience is a primary focal point in Fuji as evidenced by the level of flexibility and accessibility offered in the platform. Starting with a rapid, top-down development language, IFL (Integration Flow Language), developers can quickly and easily generate an integration application using a domain-specific grammar. The service development model favors convention and configuration over boilerplate code and framework APIs, allowing integration developers to focus on the code that matters.

2009-02-16 Monday Update

JBI Introduction

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