Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009-01-28 Wednesday - WCF References

My current client SOA / Enterprise Architect project will entail building a significant number of services using Microsoft .NET technologies. Here are some of the more interesting links to WCF resources that may be of interest to others as well:

What is the difference between WCF and other web services ?

Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Looking at the WCF Windows Communication Foundation

WCF 101 – Creating and consuming a basic WCF Service hosted in IIS

MSDN Webcast: Beyond the Endpoints with Windows Communication Foundation with Juval Lowy

MSDN: Windows Communication Foundation

WCF Contract Design Guidelines

WCF Security Guidelines

MSDN Forums: Windows Communication Foundation

A New Foundation: Taking a Look at WCF

WCF Design Pattern: Generic Service

Get Familiar With Windows Communication Application Development

Implementing a Basic HelloWorld WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Service

Patterns for Flexible WCF Services

A comprehensive guide to using MsmqIntegrationBinding with MSMQ 3.0 in WCF

WCF Debugging and a WCF review

Building a two-way WCF prototype using HTTP based transports

WCF Service Factory Pattern - The Problem
" can't base a WCF service hosted within IIS that uses generics in its operational contract definition because WSDL wants the explicit type definition. This means that instead of a single, clean interface with the generic parameter and a single implementation of that contract, you have to define a strongly typed contract definition and implementation for every business object you plan to support."
"...Read Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy, ch. 3, page 120 for more info regarding serialization and generics."

Udi Dahan: WCF Everywhere? Not on my watch.

Why you should not use the ADO.NET Entity Framework

Oracle: Interoperability with Microsoft WCF/.NET

WCF 101 – Creating and consuming a basic WCF Service hosted in IIS

WCF Essentials—Applying the ServiceContract attribute

Some WCF Gotchas

NHibernate and WCF is Not a Perfect Match

WF / WCF 4.0

"...I was genuinely surprised by how good WF 4.0 looks. In fact, I'd say it was the best thing I saw at PDC in many ways. This was surprising to me, because I never liked WF 3 or 3.5, because it did not feel finished, and had some fundamental flaws like:

* Poor performance
* Lack of persistence control
* Lack of transaction control
* No correlation support
* Poor threading model for parallel tasks
* Weird XOML based markup
* Not really tied in nicely with WCF (even in 3.5)
* Host problems

So it was great to hear Microsoft say that they agreed! Reading between the lines it is clear that WF4 is a complete rewrite. Microsoft already claim that it is between 10 and 100 times faster than WF 3.5. Persistance control (complete with message box and tracking databases), transactions, correlation and threading have all been addressed and the object model (now under the System.WorkflowModel) now feels very natural to anyone who has used WCF to a point where they feel like the same framework. And for anyone who's used to WPF and Silverlight, you can now model workflows in XAML (including building your own designers - nice). All of this coupled with what was shown (e.g. not much) of Dublin (the new Windows Application Server) make me conclude that hosting issues have also now been addressed...."

Microsoft's Patterns & Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0

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