Monday, January 26, 2009

2009-01-26 Monday - Application Configuration Research

I'm working on a client Enterprise Architecture framework library, and I've spent some time today researching differrent approaches to implementing Application Configuration mechanisms, for both C# .NET and Java.

Ideally we want to establish a simple, light-weight, abstraction layer that will provide a stable (and common class model) for both Java and .NET developers across the enterprise.

.NET C# References

.NET Framework (3.5) Class Library System.Configuration Namespace

MSDN - .NET (3.5) Framework Class Library ConfigurationManager Class

Enterprise Library 4.0 - May 2008 The Enterprise Library Core

Read/Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry

Persisting configuration items in .NET

Java References

Java Tutorials > Configuration Utilities > Properties

java.util Class Properties

IBM DeveloperWorks - Easing configuration

Java Configuration File vs. .NET Configuration File

Java Service Wrapper - Configuration Property Overview

Simple Java Configuration Files and no XML in Sight

XML Configuration for Java Program

Jfig - Java

Managing Your Configuration with JFig

Apache Commons Configuration

Automated Model-based Configuration of Enterprise Java Applications

Java - Using Multiple Configuration Files in Your Application

Spring Source JavaConfig

see Application Configuration

More on Java Configuration

Java Config (a sourceforge project)

Discussion thread: Java configuration framework

Open Source Configuration Deployment Frameworks Written in Java

Dynamic Configuration Management For Clustered Java EE Application

Application configuration files using a custom JNDI object

Java Configuration Blues (circa 2003)

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