Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009-01-28 Wednesday - Microsoft ILM Resources

As part of a SOA / Enterprise Architecture program for a client, I'm assisting them in researching and adopting Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager. Here are some resources that may be of some interest to others:

Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 Home

Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 Frequently Asked Questions

ILM Fact Sheet (pdf)

David Lundell's ILM Best Practices blog

Felix Gaehtgens: First Analysis of Microsoft ILM 2

Integrating the Hitachi ID Management Suite with Microsoft ILM

TechRepublic: ILM 2007 Resources

Troubleshooting LDAP SSL connection issues between Microsoft ILM/MIIS & Novell eDirectory 8.7.3

NetPro’s MissionControl
"...MissionControl tracks ILM configuration changes in real-time, storing the information in a secure SQL database and providing meaningful change reports. "

Microsoft TechNet ILM Forum

An Introduction to Identity Lifecycle Manager 2

Craig McMurtry's blog

Chris Calderon's

1dent1ty cHa0s < INCREDIBLE trove of links and information!!!

Identity Management Extensibilitiy Samples

ILM 2 Custom WF Activity

Microsoft Help and Support: Identity Lifecycle Manager

Oxford Computer Group
Oxford Computer Group (OCG) is an IT services company that specializes in Identity and Access Management. OCG has consulting expertise, solution components and training courses.

Understanding the inner workings of SAP from MIIS (ILM) Perspective

Andre Durand

Joe Kaplan

ADFS Product Support Blog

Shawn's MIIS/ILM Tricks

Shawn's MIIS/ILM Code Experiment
", a community site dedicated to Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) and associated technologies such as Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)"

Alex Tcherniakhovski - Security

Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog

Jackson Shaw: Jackson's Identity Management & Active Directory Reality Tour Travelblog

Burton Group Blogs: Identity and Privacy

Nishant Kaushik's Talking Identity

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OpenSSO webcast going into the functionality of OpenSSO Enterprise:


Additional technical information can be found at :

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