Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009-01-11 Sunday - Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing the Wave of the Future?

"Start Taking Cloud Computing Seriously" - Gartner's Advice to CIOs for 2009

“You will need to start leading your organization safely in this inevitable direction, or risk being sidelined by its progress”

Barton George's blog ("Mapping Processes in the Clouds")

Mosso (Cloud hosting) - recently(?) acquired by RackSpace...

The Future of Technology and the Cloud in the Next 20 Years
(SYS-CON.TV Interview with Bill Coleman - Founder, Chairman & CEO of Cassatt Corp)

Here's my take:

Cloud Computing Risks
- Financial viability of the cloud vendor(s)

- System availability of the cloud vendor(s)

"'s SAAS CRM apps went down Jan. 6 in a nearly 40-minute outage...the problem thwarted over 177 million transactions"

- Lack of maturity around cloud computing technology and standards

- New learning curves for development staff

- Availability of stable/mature development tools, libraries, frameworks

- Loss of control over management of critical performance SLAs to business units

- Security vulnerabilities are increased

Cloud Computing [Potential] Rewards
- Higher ROI for new software development efforts

- Lower operating costs (hardware, software, people)

- Increased agility

- Increased innovation

- Increased global collaboration

- Reduced time-to-market

- Reduced start-up costs for new ventures

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