Monday, May 25, 2009

2009-05-25 Monday - Preparing for JavaOne

I'm doing some background reading to prepare for my trip next week to JavaOne - here are some of the articles I've read:

Programmers are People, Too - by Ken Arnold, July 6, 2005

Outsourcing Java SE, by Daniel H. Steinberg, 07/12/2006

Cameron Purdy's The Seven Habits of Highly Dysfunctional Design
"There are a number of design decisions in Java and its related libraries that I have complained about on more than one occasion, but I wanted to write down some of my thoughts as to why I believe that they are bad design decisions, how they could have been better, and thus how to avoid inflicting similar pain on others."
Part 1: Useless data types: Date, Date, Time and Timestamp
Part 2: your face! BigDecimal, BigInteger and BigMistake
Part 3: Idiot interfaces: Cloneable, Serializable, Remote, Entry
Part 4: Idiot exceptions: RemoteException, SQLException
Part 5: AWT or Swing or SWT or Java2D or ...

Year in Review: What to Expect in Java SE 7
An overview of features in (and out of) the next Java specification.
By Alex Miller
December 19, 2008

Pure Danger Tech - Alex Miller’s technical blog
"This page lists the proposed features in Java 7 and information about them"

Java Community Process (JCP)

Stephen Colebourne's Weblog - Ideas and musings from a Java developer (some good links to Java 7 topics)

James Gosling's Letter to the Java Community

James Gosling on Open Sourcing Sun's Java Platform Implementations, Part 1

James Gosling on Open Sourcing Sun's Java Platform Implementations, Part 2 Editor's Daily Blog

Jonathan's blog: Will the Java Platform Create The World's Largest App Store?

Kelly O'Hair's Weblog ( - 12 recommended JavaOne sessions

JavaOne Advance Conference Guide

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