Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009-05-21 Thursday - Book: Beginning Scala

I've received a new book from Apress publishing, Beginning Scala, by David Pollak:

I'll have the review posted here and on Amazon in a few days.

2009-06-01 Update:
Wow. Digesting Scala is going to require a bit more deeper thinking/reading before I will feel ready to post a review. Should have a review ready in another 1-2 weeks.

I'm in San Francisco this week for JavaOne - and my good friend, Dr. Dean Wampler, will be presenting

Thursday evening, I will be attending a meeting of the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts, where Martin Odersky will hold an informal discussion about Scala, where it's going, how it is being used.

Scala LiftOff will be held on Saturday, June 6th, following JavaOne.

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