Saturday, May 02, 2009

2009-05-02 Saturday - Wolfram Alpha announcement...going live May 5th someday...

Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks, TechCrunch article: Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big

Wolfram Alpha is a system for computing the answers to questions. To accomplish this it uses built-in models of fields of knowledge, complete with data and algorithms, that represent real-world knowledge.


...knows about technology, geography, weather, cooking, business, travel, people, music...has a natural language interface for asking it questions.


The scientific and philosophical underpinnings of Wolfram Alpha are similar to those of the cellular automata systems he describes in his book, “A New Kind of Science” (NKS).

The system is beautiful, and the user interface is already quite simple and clean. In addition, answers include computationally generated diagrams and graphs — not just text. It looks really cool. But it is also designed by and for people with IQ’s somewhere in the altitude of Wolfram’s — some work will need to be done dumbing it down a few hundred IQ points so as to not overwhelm the average consumer with answers that are so comprehensive that they require a graduate degree to fully understand.

YouTube: A Sneak Preview of WolframAlpha

YouTube: Stephen Wolfram discusses WolframAlpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

An interesting question is asked at 1:40:39. The response has some very interesting possible implications.

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