Friday, May 15, 2009

2009-05-15 Friday - WSO2 Registry Notes

I haven't checked back on the progress of the WS02 Registry development effort for some time - so this afternoon I downloaded the latest release (2.0.1) and had it installed and running in just minutes. However, there was no joy today.

My first problem arose when I noted that the WSO2 Registry User Interface had some problems rendering the proper spacing for some columns under Internt Explorer 7.

So, I submitted a bug report for it:

CARBON-3807 Entries "Name" column does not render with appropriate spacing under IE 7

Next, I created a folder for WSDL media types - and attempted to upload a simple HelloWorld.wsdl - which resulted in an exception being thrown - and an ugly stacktrace dumping to the UI. It turns out that this bug was reported back on January 24th, 2009 - and was recently marked as resolved on May 10th, 2009:

CARBON-2891 Strack trace printed on the UI if file upload fails

So, assuming that the fix would be in the nighly builds, I downloaded the SNAPSHOT from May 14th - which appears to be currently throwing an exception during startup - that results in the navigation menu __not__ displaying any functions other than start-up and shutdown.

So, I submitted a bug report for it:

REGISTRY-544 Could not find the handler class org.wso2.carbon.registry.extensions.handlers.SynapseRepositoryHandler

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lahiru said...

This is actually fixed in the current build but we've got some other issue and will fix it by tomorrow and you will be able to use it.