Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010-09-25 Saturday - SMArt (Subsitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies)

SMArt (Subsitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies)
"...project funded by The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology through the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) program. The conceptual framework for SMArt was first articulated by investigators Zak Kohane and Ken Mandl in their 2009 New England Journal of Medicine essay “No Small Change for the Health Information Economy”. The current health IT landscape is characterized by monolithic and slow-to-evolve systems: SMArt has brought together researchers, industry partners, clinicians, and other stakeholders to lay the groundwork necessary to enable a tectonic shift to a flexible health IT environment. The major deliverable of this project will be the SMArt platform architecture, which will achieve two major goals. The first will be a user interface that will allow “iPhone-like” substitutability for medical apps based upon shared basic components. The second will be a set of services that enable efficient data capture, storage, and effective data retrieval and analytics, which will be scalable to the national level but nonetheless respectful of institutional autonomy and patient privacy."

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