Monday, September 20, 2010

2010-09-20 Monday - JavaOne 2010: Java 7

10am-11am, Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom

[I'll flesh out more details as I have some time later today to add additional reference links]

- Grand Ballroom is huge
- about 99% full, good turn-out for this JavaOne session
- speaker sounds like he took a valium needed to drink a jolt-cola before taking the stage...


Project Lambda
version 0.1 
JSR 292
"The goal of this Project is to formulate a proposal to add first-class functions, function types, and lambda expressions (informally, "closures") to Java, and to implement a prototype suitable for inclusion in JDK 7 so as to enable broad experimentation. If all goes well then this will serve as the basis of a language-change JSR which will, in turn, be proposed as a component of the eventual Java SE 7 JSR."

Alex Buckley and Brian Goetz will be giving a talk later today  at 4pm...


De Vinci Machine Project
"a multi-language renaissance for the Java™ Virtual Machine architecture"

"We are extending the JVM with first-class architectural support for languages other than Java, especially dynamic languages. This project will prototype a number of extensions to the JVM, so that it can run non-Java languages efficiently, with a performance level comparable to that of Java itself. Our emphasis is on completing the existing bytecode and execution architecture with general purpose extensions, as opposed to a new feature for just one language, or adjoining an unrelated new execution model." "We want the new languages to co-exist gracefully with Java in the JVM, and to benefit (like Java) from its powerful and mature technologies." "We are looking to remove “pain points” already observed by implementors of successful or influential languages, as opposed to attempting more speculative work on unproven features or niche languages. Sub-projects with major activity include dynamic invocation, continuations, tail-calls, and interface injection.  There is a large number of more speculative, lower-priority sub-projects. These are included in hopes that someone in the community will become excited with us at the prospects of a more dynamic JVM, to the point of sharing in its creation."


Project Jigsaw
"get rid of the classpath....put the information in the code as annotations" (?)
"The goal of this Project is to design and implement a simple, low-level module system focused narrowly upon the goal of modularizing the JDK, and to apply that system to the JDK itself. We expect the resulting module system to be useful to developers for their own code, and it will be fully supported by Sun for that purpose, but it will not be an official part of the Java SE 7 Platform Specification and it might not be supported by other SE 7 implementations."


The JPackage Project has two primary goals:
  • To provide a coherent set of Java software packages for Linux, satisfying all quality requirements of other applications.
  • To establish an efficient and robust policy for Java software packaging and installation. 

JMod (?)
...more compressed than JAR files...
...allow creation of JPMs
...will be allow generation via Maven

...HotSpot will get an injection of HotRocket code/capabilities...

Java 7 Release...

...original scope would have been delivered in middle of 2012...that's too long...
...... Lambda is not done
.......Jigsaw is not done
.......Coin is almost done (?)

...deliver what can be made middle of 2011...
...deliver Java 8 in 2012
...deliver Java less than 5 years...
...wants to get back to a more regular release schedule (every 2 years...)

GPL version 2 will continue to be used

Still plan to submit JSRs for Java 7 and future releases

JDK 7 binaries will continue to be released every two weeks for testing...

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