Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010-09-21 Tuesday - JavaOne Duke's Choice Awards


Innovative End-to-End Consumer Application

MLB Advanced Media Fantasy baseball draft application and scoreboard built in JavaFX and Java and used by 250,000 managers in the official fantasy league of Major League Baseball » Learn more

Innovative Health Care & Human Services

Pulse Pulse Health Intact System, remote telemedicine server that connects doctors, patients and care facilites. Monitoring devices connected to the patient's mobile phone is uploaded and shared. Uses Java EE 6 (server), Java SE 1.6 Swing clients (desktop) and Java ME CLDC (client) » Learn more

Innovative Government & Public Works

Perrone Robotics Perrone Robotics' Pennsylvania Turnpike Laser system used on PA turnpike to effectively measure trucks while in motion. Eliminates need to pull off the road at a weigh station. » Learn more

Innovative User Experience

Effective UI 2010 Winter Olympics medal geo-view, an innovative data visualization application built using Java FX and Java and deployed live to millions of visitors and fans during the Vancouver Olympics » Learn more

Innovative Technical Data Visualization

Gephi Open, interactive graphics visualization platform entirely based on Java SE 6, capable of visualizing and manipulating very lager network data to find patterns and reveal hidden structure. » Learn more

Innovative Java for Developers

Wabi Sabi Software "Application Sonification", which is listening to an application operate to discern behaviors and patterns. Specific example based on application logging (Log4jFuge) using Java SE 6 and Groovy » Learn more

Innovative Java for Education

Rolling Thunder Education solution providing a multi-document interface through which a wide range of data (maps, images, video, text) can be combined. Built using Java SE 6, Swing, and a variety of data viewers (VLC, Worldwind, Yahoo Search, etc.). » Learn more

Innovative Visualization and Data Intelligence

Visual Mining NetCharts Pro 7.0 lets Java developers create HTML 5 compliant web applications, including support for SVG. » Learn more

Innovative Automotive/Transportation

Case Systems, Inc. Solar powered traffic monitoring system using Java ME » Learn more

Innovative Java Building Block

Cinterion Wireless-enabled silicon modules that implement Java ME and provide easy-to-use building blocks for dedicated microelectronics solutions with onboard wireless/GSM communications capabilities. The example nominated is a mobile healthcare system (diabetes management, sleep therapy). » Learn more 

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