Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2007-08-07 Tuesday

A lot going on these days...

I'm beginning an evaluation of IONA's Artix 5 release of their SOA Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

As a small mental diversion (and just for fun), I've started doing some research on algorithms for solving Sudoku puzzles. This is of interest as a possible seed to form some ideas as the basis for developing a utility library that would provide methods for solving scheduling, optimization, planning, time table, and resource allocation problems based on Constraint Programming / Local Search approaches.

I'm also interested in exploring approaches to developing Rich Internet Application (RIA) user interfaces - using Flash / Flex technologies. A few resource links:

Creating rich Web service clients with Flash and Flex

Flex Wiki

Flex 2 SDK

Wikipedia ActionScript

Programming ActionScript 3.0



I've also recently completed a preliminary analysis for a client of the integration capabilities and challenges for the following applications:

  • Primavera's P6 suite (Project Manager, Contract Manager, Operational Data Store)

  • OpenText LiveLink Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  • WinEstimator

  • Ares/PRISM
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