Wednesday, August 08, 2007

2007-08-08 Wednesday

I've recently made some progress in introducing some Open Source tools into a client's software development environment - most notably, I've been able to gain some mind-share around adoption of Eclipse, Subversion, and Cruise Control. Small steps - but potentially huge long-term significance in terms of eventually reducing the cost of IT's overall budget. The client had considered adopting Microsoft SourceSafe as the primary repository for all project artifacts - for use by developers as well as business analysts and end-users. At a quoted price of roughly $400-500 per seat for the appropriate Microsoft SourceSafe client software - and a potential 25% adoption across an organization 16,000 personnel - I figure I've saved my client over $1.8M in initial cost - and $360K in annual maintenance cost - just by the introduction of Subversion.

I'm doing some research for a client on how they can integrate their legacy mainframe systems (IBM CICS, Adabas, VSAM, ORACLE, COBOL, etc.) into a new SOA Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The IONA Artix 5 software includes facilities for integration with CICS mainframe environments - but IBM's 3.1 release of CICS also included enhancements that support SOA Web Services:

IBM's SOA-centric CICS

IBM CICS Web Services

Application Transformation with
CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.1

IBM Enterprise Architect Kit for SOA

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