Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2007-08-21 Tuesday

I'm pressed for time tonight...so this will be a brief post of some interesting links. One of my current client projects involves developing an Enterprise / Service Oriented Architecture. As a natural consequence of that effort, the question of versioning must be addressed. Here are a few links related to that problem space:

W3C Publishes an Update to Guide to Versioning XML Schema 1.1

w3.org Guide to Versioning XML Languages using new XML Schema 1.1 features

w3.org: Extending and Versioning Languages: Strategies

xml.com: Extensibility, XML Vocabularies, and XML Schema

xfront.com: XML Schemas: Best Practices

xfront.com: XML Schema Versioning

David Orchard: Extensibility, XML Vocabularies, and XML Schema

I came across this blog today: plentyofcode.com (Programming Resources, News and Ideas). Wow - what a treasure trove of links.

I had an interesting meeting today with representatives of Software AG, and had some good discussions covering some of the tools that they offer for rapid development of Web Services to access legacy applications. The scope of today's discussions mostly focused on challenges around integrating legacy mainframe applications into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). ApplinX and EntireX were two products in particular that were discussed today.

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