Sunday, July 15, 2007

2007-07-15 Sunday

Sometimes small things that are trivial can still be irritating. For example...

Tonight I downloaded the Sun Glassfish EE Server, Version 2, Beta 3, Build 50. In the process of executing the installation procedure - it appeared as if the install was hung. I canceled it - and then tried again. This time it just so happened that the planets aligned, the stars were in the proper conjunction - and the screen focus happened to be such that the COMMON DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSE (CDDL) VERSION 1.0 License Agreement screen got the focus - and remained visible. Ahhhh. That's why the previous install appeared to be hung. The CDDL agreement was "hidden".

If you'll notice, this License Agreement prompt does not give the user the option of printing or saving it. The widget used to display the agreemnt - also does not allow you the ability to right-click with the mouse and copy the text. You can however, to copy text - and then to transfer it to another document which can be printed. It would seem intuitive to me, as a business executive, that this is a legal document that should be printed and filed by any corporation that might be interested in using this software. A small matter though.

Unless or course you don't happen to really care about complying with such silly things like the legal constraints of licenses.

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