Monday, July 02, 2007

2007-07-01 Sunday - Semantic Modeling

I'm currently working with a client - helping to lead their effort to transform their application development for the enterprise to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.

As part of that effort - I've had the pleasure of meeting Dave McComb and his team from Semantic Arts.

Dave's a thought-leader in the world of semantic modeling for the enterprise - and an EXCELLENT presenter. [This interview published on from February 2005 provides an overview to some of those ideas.]. I also found a white paper on the web produced by Semantic Arts, entitled "The CIO's Guide to Semantics, Version 2".

I just finished reading Modeling Business Objects With XML Schema, by Berthold Daum - and highly recommend it as a very good starting point for developers and analyst that have probably had more of an Entity Relationship Modeling (ERM) background - and might benefit from a text that will help them bridge the gap as they move toward developing expertise to develop an Enterprise Ontology and an Enterprise XML Schema for SOA implementations.

Another very interesting person I've had the pleasure of meeting recently on this particular client engagement is Dave Hollander, CTO of - and the Co-chair of W3C XML Schemas Work Group.

Contivo offers three products to help organizations develop ontology models, schemas, and generating transoformation code for mapping between schemas: Contivo Analyst, Contivo Builder, and Contivo VMS.

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