Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015-08-29 Saturday - Suggestions for Developer Continued Self-Education

This week I prepared a list of suggestions for an engineering group - on some free online resources that might be of interest to those who wish to invest some time in their own continuing self-education. Perhaps others might find these of interest as well:

The AWS tutorials are free – and the examples and documentation is quite extensive

The Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers meet-up is organized by a friend of mine, Teri Radichel – and most sessions are __very__ informative

Thomas Erl’s web site provides a very good (and free) overview of much of his content

Stanford’s Video Lecture series on Startup Engineering has some very good free content

This Forbes article from last year has quite a few suggested links to free online courses that are specific to Cloud Computing

The MIT  Open Course Ware series (offered through the Sloan School of Management) has a good course on ‘Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery’

One of the best sources of free technical information (in particular, for tracking leading edge developments) is slideshare

In particular, I am almost always __very_- impressed by the decks prepared by the folks at Netflix and Etsy

One of the best values for a professional programmer is a personal professional subscription to Safari ($39/month)

There is a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge and expertise in the IBM Cloud Computing Redbooks

I also personally find the following YouTube channels to be very informative:

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