Monday, August 17, 2015

2015-08-17 Monday - Interviewing Tool: Candidate Self-Scoring Scale

When interviewing candidates, I like to go through a relevant list of technologies for the given role/position and have the candidate provide a self assessment score of their level of experience / knowledge / depth of technical expertise.

Over the years, I developed the following scale to help facilitate those conversations. The intent is to seek to minimize the variability in the subjective nature of having someone just assign their own weight/interpretation to a 1-10 scale.

10 - Recognized as an industry expert on the given technology, outside of their company.
  • Examples: A member of the development team of the given technology, authored books/articles, frequently invited speaker on the given technology at conferences, etc.

 9 - Recognized as one of the key experts on a given technology, within their company.

 8  - Highly Proficient
  • You are able to quickly build solutions with the given technology. 
  • You may occasionally refer back to documentation, but in general - you are quite familiar with the given technology.
  • You have built, deployed, and maintained multiple solutions with the given technology

 7 - Practical Knowledge
  • Examples: You've used the given technology on a project somewhere and have actually deployed something to production and maintained it

 6 - Played with it, have at least built a toy app, but may not have been deployed to production.

 5 - Downloaded it, look at the source code

 4 - Took a class, attended a conference session, completed brief online tutorials

 3 - Read a book

 2 - Read about it somewhere
  • Examples: Industry journal, an article, someone's blog

 1 - Aware that it exists

Copyright 2015 by Kelvin D. Meeks under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License

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