Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015-08-29 Saturday - JSON Schema

This posting is a placeholder for some research I'm doing related to JSON Schema features/capabilities.

"JSON Schema is an Internet Draft, currently version 4"
"Although JSON is intended solely as a data serialization format, its design as a non-strict subset of the JavaScript scripting language poses several security concerns. These concerns center on the use of a JavaScript interpreter to execute JSON text dynamically as embedded JavaScript. This exposes a program to errant or malicious scripts. This is a serious issue when dealing with data retrieved from the Internet. This easy and popular but risky technique exploits JSON's compatibility with the JavaScript eval() function"!forum/json-schema
"JSON schema validator, which is designed to be fast and simple to use. The latest IETF published draft is v4, this library is mostly v4 compatible."
JSON Schema Lint
"The schema is still under development and the progress can be tracked by comparing the versions known as “drafts”. Currently, the schema is in the 4th version."
"Much like the incoming request, Hyper-schema allows us to specify a schema for the outgoing response as well with the targetSchema keyword."
"Generate API documentation with Prmd." 

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