Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2009-06-03 Wednesday - JavaOne 2009 - Java Utopia Panel

Description: The impact and influence of Java in everyday life is more apparent than ever before, with Java technology powering more and more consumer devices - particularly in the mobile and entertainment industries. In this panel discussion, Sun and industry leaders will look at some of the cool things happening with clientside Java and entertainment – from JavaFX to Blu-ray – and some of the recent innovations powered by Java.

Moderator: Eric Klein, Vice President, Java Marketing, Sun

Jeet Kaul, Senior Vice President, Java Technology, Sun

Steve Glagow, Vice President, Orange Partner

Bill Maggs, Head of Developer and Partner Engagement, North
America, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

Chris Danzig, Executive Vice President - Product and Technology
Development, Founder at Indaba Music


I asked two questions:

1) Do you have any planned competitions to seed the developer interest in spending time to develop applications for the App Store?

Answer: Not yet.

2) Have they given any thought to providing an Affiliate Program to turbo-charge the viral nature of the community to promote the sale of applications?

Answer: May have something like this in the future.

Summary: Their view of the big draw of the app store? It is free for the developer?

It seems strange that they haven't jammed the app store announcement with a more compelling promotion. It seems to me to be a possible example of "if we build it, they will come".


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