Monday, June 01, 2009

2009-06-01 Monday - JavaOne 2009 - Press/Analyst Briefing on Cloud Computing

11:50am - sitting in a Press/Analyst briefing

Moderated by Ray Valdez (sp?) - Gartner

Lou Tucker, Sun Microsystems, CTO of Cloud Computing
Todd Fast, Sun Microsystems, Chief Architect, Platform-as-a-Service, (CTO,
Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems
Geir Magnusson Jr., Apache Foundation

The following are some snippets of the presentation that I've hopefully captured without too many errors...

...the idea of "nano-services" or "micro-services" fill in the niche needs

"cloud food chain"

"facebook is a channel", "mypace is a channel"

...As you move up the stack, to be a true cloud...there is more value [offered], you [as the customer] also have to willing to give up more [things]...

"[multi-tennancy is a requirement to be a true cloud]"

programmatic control over provisioning must be there...

Elasticity is considered important

Architecture: what is actually shared?

Tim Bray: Amazon doesn't tell you anything about the underlying architecture...[and does that really matter?]

Todd: Architecture or Programming Model?


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