Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2009-06-03 Wednesday - JavaOne 2009 - BOF-4638

Session BOF-4638, "Cloud Computing and NetBeans(TM) IDE Enable Army Research Lab's Next-Generation Simulation System",

Ronald Bowers, The Army Research Laboratory
Dennis Reedy, Elastic Grid LLC

SLAD performs both experimentation and modeling

- provide the next generation simulation system for the V/L analyst community
- mostly Java
- Dynamic distributed and service-oriented
- will support over 100 concurrent users
- incorporates a computation grid, parallelized system that distrubtes tasks and computes results that are graphically displayed
- will operate in both "batch" and interactive modes

Interesting Challenges

- few servers - budget constrained, but many powerful workstations
- heterogenous deployment environment
- architecture must exploit analyst community machines (diversity of OSs)
- must be able to route functionality to machines that are best capable of executing tasks/functions
- must be able to scale on demand based on real time need and use of the system
- legacy of performance issues and nightmares

Solution Approach

- choose technology that embraces dynamic distributed capabilities
- craft a loosely coupled service oriented architecture that segments the system into functional roles
- choose persistence technologies and approaches that allow for low latency and high concurrency
- ....?

What's Underneath
- Domain-specific Services and Algorithms
- Application Infrastructure

- Dyanamic Container / Quality of Service <== Rio (open source, will take a set of resources and create a grid ?)

- Monitoring and Management
- Persistence Management



client --> Gateway --> Sim

--> Persistence


- built on NetBeans Platform

Biggest Issue
- integrating libraries that are updated frequently

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