Friday, November 30, 2007

2007-11-30 Friday

3rd Quarter Job Market report for Seattle. As far as I can tell - Seattle looks like the market is still on a healthy trend. You can also see reports for other
local markets

No More Self-Organizing Teams? An interesting discussion. I think the appropriateness and degress of the Agile / Scrum principles adopted for a given project depend on the complexities of the organizational dynamics that may be in play. In some of my drect experiences, certain large-scale projects, that have fixed-price bid dynamics in play, often with multiple clients working in partnershp to spread the cost of the effort, and multiple vendors - all parties working with different priorities and agendas make the soup very spicey - and difficult to achieve success with the hoped-for-altruistic principle that the self-organizing team will do what is right for the project. Just my $0.02

I recently came across the XWiki project.

"XWiki is an open source wiki written in Java and released under the LGPL license"

"XWiki is a second generation wiki (a.k.a an application wiki), ideally suited for developing collaborative web applications."

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