Monday, November 12, 2007

2007-11-12 Monday

Google has released Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project

This is a bit dated (Sept. 27, 2006), but has some interesting information: Prototype the most popular Ajax framework across Java, .NET, & Rails communities - 2006 Survey Results

I love being in High-Tech. I love being part of the energy that is a startup. I took a detour early in my career - and was almost seduced into the "golden handcuffs" that large corporations offer...

I discovered my true passion when I was still in the U.S. Army, living in a basement apartment in Bamberg Germany in 1983-1984 - sitting at the kitchen table late into the night - teaching myself to program 6502 Assembler and Basic. Later, working as a programmer for a small bank in the mid-South, developing high-performance real-time transaction systems that connected to the national ATM networks - I still enjoyed "tinkering" when I went home - developing code - stretching my abilities.

I've overloaded my stress capacitors on a few projects over the years...a $100M+ project to redesign their call center infrastructure [for a major telecom company], a $100M+ project to redesign a Customer Account Support System [for a major Japanese automotive company] , the $100M+ VC funded Paul Allen startup venture, leading the successful development and launch of another start-up as their CTO in 2001...and came out the other end of the whole crash as a burned out husk of a man. In the years since, I have searched for ways to avoid burn-out - and to find sustainable ways of earning a living doing what I love: leading software development teams to produce exceptional solutions.

In 2004, while sailing in the Sea of Cortez aboard my magic carpet (S/V Renaissance) - taking a sabbatical to recharge my internal batteries - I found that passion again - as I reworked a code-generating framework that has been a pet project of mine for almost 8 years. This story reminded me of that passion - and stirred those embers again: John Cook's blog: Ready, set develop: How to create a six hour startup. - Startup Weekend site

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