Sunday, November 11, 2007

2007-11-11 Sunday

The Executive Development Program, offered through the Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington, has an interesting program that I would like to explore sometime in the future.

I have just run into an unusual installation error message. I've been able to install Flyspray under Windows - but when I tried to install on a hosted Linux site (FreeBSD 4.11?), I got the error message: "SQL file required for importing structure and data is missing".

It turns out that the hosted Linux server doesn't allow a directory name such as \

I copied the files out of the \setup\upgrade\\ to \setup\upgrade\ and was able to proceed with the install.

See the following code from setup\index.php(lines 968-981)

function PopulateDb($data)
// Check available upgrade scripts, use the script of very latest version
$folders = glob_compat(BASEDIR . '/upgrade/[0-9]*');
usort($folders, 'version_compare'); // start with lowest version
$folders = array_reverse($folders); // start with highest version
$sql_file = APPLICATION_PATH . '/setup/upgrade/' . reset($folders) . '/flyspray-install.xml';

// Check if the install/upgrade file exists
if (!is_readable($sql_file)) {

$_SESSION['page_message'][] = 'SQL file required for importing structure and data is missing.';
return false;

This weekend I received a book from a publisher to review. I'll be publishing my review within the next 2-3 weeks. The book is "Java EE 5 Development using Glassfish Application Server", by David R. Heffelfinger (PACKT Publishing). Since I'm currently working with Glassfish for a client engagement, this will be a very timely opportunity to review this new book.

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