Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007-09-30 Sunday

My current project team is evaluating Bugzilla and Mantis as possible candidates for adoption as their bug/issue tracking system. The vote was almost a clear choice of Mantis over Bugzilla - until I did a quick demo of the Eclipse plugin (Mylyn) integration with Bugzilla. We will probably spend another two weeks doing further evaluation testing. A couple of thoughts on our evaluation / decision criteria might be worth discussing.

The team is coming from a relatively low-level of automation in their development process / environment. Mantis is a simpler solution in terms of features / interface for the team members to learn - but it lacks some richness that Bugzilla offers that (in the longer term) may prove to create other problems down the road - as the team's comfort level grows with adopting greater Continuous Integration principles & process improvements. Tough call. Very tough.

Shane Duffy has a decent write-up on a discussion of the pros/cons: BugZilla Vs Mantis

I've run into a possible conflict / problem with the Mylyn plugin - and some of the other Eclipse plugins I'm trying to configure as a standard configuration for the team. A very strange thing happens: The Navigator view of other project folders appears to "drop" all but one of the projects when I attempt to click on specific project folder (?). This happens even though I don't have the Mylyn task view opened. A check of the Eclipse error log doesn't indicate any component failure or exceptions thrown. I need to spend some time searching the Eclipse discussion boards and bug lists to see if anyone else is reporting a similiar problem. (btw: I'm running Europa 3.3)

I ran into an SMTP integration problem with the Bugzilla install within the last two weeks. I burned a good number of hours trying to isolate any changes I might have made to configuration parameters before I isolated the problem to a change that was made by Network Operations personnel to the firewall connection to the SMTP server. Doh!

I've been very busy recently - and have a lot of observations and recommendations to make on a number of Open Source tools that I'm evaluating / adopting for the team's use. But there are only so many hours in the day...

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