Saturday, September 01, 2007

2007-09-01 Saturday

What a busy week.

I met with IBM to discuss their Z/OS Web Service integration options and strategies - and have some follow-up discussions to learn more about their Asset Transformation Workbench (AWT) - which provides faciliites for analyzing legacy mainframe code - and identifying potential business rules - as candidates for extraction into reusable components [re: potential Web Service candidates for the architecture analysis I'm doing for a current client].

I had to do some reconfiguring of the development servers this week - to get MySQL, PHP, Apache 2.0.59, and Subversion re-installed. Before leaving Friday evening, I had Mantis 1.0.8 (PHP/MySQL based open source bug tracking software) up and running for evaluation by the rest of the project team.

Next week I will install Bugzilla (and possibly Scmbug) for evaluation as well.

This weekend I'm reading: "Producing Open Source Software How to Run a Successful Free Software Project" by Karl Fogel

A friend (Thanks Terry!) suggested a web site recently for Visual Studio and .NET resources: The Code Project (tm). I haven't had time to do a lot of browsing through the web site - but after an initial glance, I decided to sign-up for their newsletter. Looks like lots of possibly interesting articles.

I constantly search for new web resources - and have been saving the links in a somewhat haphazard manner. So I did some searching this last week, and came up with two possible candidate tools to improve the task of capturing and organizing growing library of web links:

  • PHP Bookin

  • Online-bookmarks

  • I hope to have my evaluation completed by next Friday.

    I've been wanting to setup my laptop to dual-boot Windows and a Linux distribution - but have kept putting it off due to the amount of effort it would require to reorganize my hard-disk. So today I'm downloading VMWare Player 2.0. There's a WIDE variety of "appliances" that can be loaded into the Player, see: Virtual Appliance Marketplace. TuxDistro is also a source for VMWare virtual appliance Linux distributions. For Linux distributions that are built to run on the VMWare Player - specifically for a Windows environment, checkout

    On a related note, this article discusses running a Linux server farm using virutalization software: Run a Linux server farm for nix (they review VMWare, XenSource and Microsoft Virtual PC).

    I came across an interesting graphic tool today: terragen

    I'm planning an evaluation of some new open source message queue applications - and this article mentioned the recent release of RabbitMQ which is an implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol.

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