Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007-09-12 Wednesday

I've been heads-down for the last few days - making some good progress on several fronts:

  • Bugzilla

  • Mantis

  • I've recently installed Glassfish V2-b58:

  • I'm still researching some issues I've run into getting Roller 3.1 to run under Glassfish V2-b58.

  • A few people have run into some difficulty getting BIRT to run under Glassfish. A posting by Vince Kraemer discusses BIRT and GlassFish b41 integration.

  • I've also been somewhat puzzled by an apparent problem getting Subversion 1.4 integrated with Apache 2.0.59 - which is normally a straight-forward procedure - but I'm getting a failure on restarting Apache - with no error messages in the log files.

    Once I get Apache and Subversion integrated - I will be setting up Subversion authentication via Microsoft Active Directory.

    I was making modifications to the Mantis bug tracking system yesterday - and needed to locate a particular string that I knew was somewhere in a PHP file. I launched Windows File Explorer - and tried the usual "*.*" pattern for file name - and the search function reported no matching files found for the specified text string I provided. I've run into a similiar problem before (trying to locate text in files using Windows File Explorer Search before) - and was always puzzled - but usually was always pressed for time, and so never had the luxury of time to spend researching it further. Yesterday I came across this blog entry that describes the issue. Microsoft has a Knowledge Base article that discusses this as well.

    I'm looking forward to getting some time in the next week or so to integrating the team's MediaWiki site with Subversion and the team's final selection of a bug tracking system (either Mantis or Bugzilla). The following links may be helpful:

  • Mantis Integration with MediaWiki

  • Bugzilla/SVN/Wiki Integration

  • The client will also be evaluating Testopia's potential use (for test case management), if they decide to go with Bugzilla.

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