Friday, July 17, 2009

2009-07-17 Friday - GlassFish, Mule Galaxy, LDAP

I had an incredibly frustrating day today - trying to get the Mule Galaxy Community Edition Registry/Repository configured properly to authenticate via LDAP against an instance of Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory.

One lesson learned: Do not try to manually deploy the Mule Galaxy war file via DOS commands to the autodeploy directory - use the GlassFish Web Admin Console to deploy/undeploy

You have to first use a non-LDAP Mule Galaxy instance of the war file to setup your Active Directory groups - and then swap the war for another one that is configured for LDAP.

I have the LDAP / Active Directory authentication working - but I'm still researching an Active Directory Group configuration issue for the authorization features of GlassFish's Group permissions.

Enabling Authentication Through LDAP

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