Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2009-07-07 Tuesday - Predic8's Membrane SOA Registry

This is a relatively new tool to the Registry space…(also a Java EE Web Application)…and the current release is 0.8

Recent announcment regarding the software:

2009/06/29 - Registry Software Available
The registry software used by service-repository.com is now available for download. The registry is a Java EE Web application that can be deployed into an Java EE application server or in a web container like Apache Tomcat.

Online Demo:

My first reaction? Wow.! - this has some very interesting features(!)

Possible Missing features?
- WSDL validation (?)
- No support for organizing the registry list of services according to a package/application/directory structure (?)
- Governance / Policy (?)

Things that are in this software that Mule Galaxy doesn't support?
+ Direct Anonymous acccess to the WSDL - important
+ Incredibly easy navigation of Schemas
+ Simple view of Service Overview
+ List of Interfaces for a Service
+ List of Endpoints for a Service
+ Recent Events for a Service
+ Service Statistics summary dashboard
+ Dependencies graph for Service
+ Includes a Ping / Availability dashboard
+ Includes an integrated SOAP client for testing / invoking a service
+ Consumer list (?)
+ Host list (?)

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Thomas Bayer said...

Hi Kevin,

thanks for your great post. You are right, a grouping feature for services is missing. We will put this on our agenda. The registry supports some basic WSDL validation against WS-I BP 1.1 during the registration of a service. But there are still tests missing. Policies are not supported yet. Consumers and their dependencies can be managed by the registry. A host list will be automatically computed, based on the registered services.