Friday, February 13, 2009

2009-02-13 Friday - SOA - Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements?

A question was asked on recently

"SOA - Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements?"

That's sort of like telling an architect "Build me a house".

Here's my response, by way of analogy, framing the response from the perspective of an architect being asked to build a house:

Do you need a 1-story, 2-story, or are you looking for something along the lines of Trump Towers?

Do you want a dirt drive-way, gravel, paved, or do you need a parking garage for all of your cars?

If more than 1-story, do you want to use a ladder, stairs, or an elevator?

Of course, when someone says "house" - they may have failed to mention that they also wanted parking for an RV, a garage, a fenced back yard for the dog, and a storage building.

How many bedrooms?

How many bathrooms?

How many doors?

How many windows?

Does the home have frequent guests? Do they need a small, or large, dining room? Or is it for a single bachelor that just stays home and plays WoW?

How much water / sewage will the plumbing need to handle?

Will this house need to have an alternate power supply?

Is there a requirement for alternate forms of heating / cooling to ensure they don't freeze / bake in the winter / summer?

Are there any ordinances that govern what can be built, how it must be built? Are these ordinances covered by multiple jurisdictions? (home owners association, city, county, state, federal)?

What materials should be used to build the house?

Does it need to be aesthetically pleasing? Or does the buyer think an ugly mud hut on the corner would be just fine?

Your Friendly Architect...

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