Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009-02-11 Wednesday - LDAP Integration Research

I'm wearing multiple hats on a current client engagement - one of which includes integrating several Open Source tools that are used by the Enterprise Architecture team I'm mentoring.

One of those tools is FlySpray - which as of the current release ( does not support integration with LDAP.

A user of FlySpray submitted a bit of PHP code to the FlySpray development team that appears to provide LDAP integration capabilities...however, my client's environment appears to have some subtle difference that may require some tweaking of the code.

Here are a few useful LDAP references and tutorials:

Rutgers University lecture: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ LDAP Howto, LDAP Links, LDAP Whitepapers

Sun JNDI Tutorial: Tips for LDAP Users

OpenESB LDAP Tutorial

OpenLDAP Resources

OpenLDAP Software 2.3 Administrator's Guide

YoLinux LDAP Tutorial: Deploying OpenLDAP Ruby/LDAP Tutorial AcegiSecurity Plugin - LDAP Tutorial AcegiSecurity Plugin - LDAP Tutorial RFC Standards and Documents RFC Page

Graham Barr > perl-ldap > Net::LDAP::RFC

RFC 2251

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