Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008-02-23 Saturday

I installed the latest Hudson 1.184 release on Friday at a client site. We have been running a previous release (1.164) under Glassfish V2. It appears that 1.184 fails to deploy under Glassfish V2 - but I was able to get it running under Tomcat 6.0.x. Some of the recent Hudson development efforts include support for LDAP integration (1.166). There are some very cool improvements.

On Feb. 11th, the day the WS02 Registry 1.0 was released, I downloaded it and began evaluating it for a current client SOA project.

I recently have submitted two bugs to the WS02 Registry project:

REGISTRY-233: Basic Search is not working for words in the Description
The Basic Search does not appear to find words that appear as part of a Description (for either a Resource or Collection).

The Basic Search does not appear to find words that are embedded as part of the name of a Resource or Collection

Developer's Comments
We are using tags as the main search mechanism in the registry. So the basic search only searches for tags. But it may also be useful to include description and the resource name in the search as you mentioned. We can discuss this in the mailing list and implement if necessary.

We are providing name based search in the advanced search. But we haven't implemented the description based search there yet. We will add it soon. Thanks for pointing this out.


REGISTRY-226: Deployment of wso2registry.war fails under Glassfish V2
Developer's Comments
I was able to recreate this issue with the Glassfish V2 - Sun Java System Application Server 9.1and Ubuntu 7.10,jdk1.5.0_08. Same NPE occurred in Linux environment as well.
As I can see the issue is due to pack and unpack of war. We tried to deploy axis2.war and same NPE occurs so I guess issues is not only in wso2regsitry.
We have found the issue , it is due to a compile error in


So I we will fix that soon , thanks you very much for finding the issue and creating a jira

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