Friday, February 08, 2008

2008-02-08 Friday

What an incredibly busy week.

I've reviewed the book contract the pubisher emailed me - and have agreed to the terms they offered. A signed copy is on the way. Target delivery for the finished draft will be end of June.

I had an interesting inquiry from a possible client this week - I've asked my former colleagues at to collaborate on providing a solution. Seven years after I designed their original application architecture - the core components of their authoring, publishing, scoring, and reporting engines are still largely based on my original design and code. The flexibility of the design, based on very configurable meta-data rules, has stood the test of time very well.

This year I plan to expand my consulting practice by hiring additional staff and winning more client engagements.

I'm developing a SOA Dashboard application for a client that will generate some very useful SOA metrics based on harvesting certain governance messages and service health events from a core logging service framework. These messages will subsequently be processed and a summary report generated on a rolling basis. I'm planning on incorporating Graphviz to generate some very cool diagrams for the dashboard. This will be released on under the PNW SOA COMMONS (pnwsoacommons) project.


Over the last week, I've been assisting a client's Test Team with evaluating the capabilities of the PushToTest tool.

The 5.0 release I installed had problems replaying a very basic test scenario script that replayed fine under Firefox (using the TestGen4Web plugin).

Apparently, the 5.1 RC1 Release Notes indicate that there was a known problem with replaying scripts that worked fine under TestGen4Web:
"TestMaker 5.1 changes the way TestGen4Web scripts are run in the TestNode environment. The new script runner uses TestGen4Web's htmlunit-interpreter package. This improves TestMaker's ability to natively run TestGen4Web recorded unit tests."

In my experience, PushToTest 5.1 RC1 ***STILL*** has a problem replaying scripts that work perfectly under TestGen4Web (!!!)

After spending a few days attempting to resolve the problem - and facing mounting pressure from some stakeholders within the client organization - I had to find an alternative.

I installed WebLOAD- - spent about 5 mintues going through one of their video tutorials - and was able to successfully run a load test against the target application.

If you try to use the download link to - it will hang for some reason - but you can go directly to and simply do a search for "WebLOAD".

I have to say I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the WebLOAD application, documentation, and tutorials. PushToTest seems to me to still be a viable tool, and I will keep an eye on its future development.

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