Wednesday, June 20, 2018

2018-06-20 Wednesday - Some Reading on Lightweight Architecture Decision Records (ADRs)

An interesting article to read first:
Sustainable Architectural Design Decisions
Volume 18, May 2018  - Item #1 in the Techniques section of the current ThoughtWorks Radar report recommends adopting "Lightweight Architecture Decision Records"
[note: This is the only Adopt recommendation in the Techniques section, so that is noteworthy in itself]

A historical perspective on the evolution of this ThoughtWorks recommendation:

...and the associated concept of Evolutionary Architecture

Michael Nygard's thoughts on Lightweight Architecture Decision Records (2011):
"An architecture decision record is a short text file in a format similar to an Alexandrian pattern that describes a set of forces and a single decision in response to those forces.”

Increasing Software Transparency with Lightweight Architectural Decision Records (2017)
(KM: I prefer the naming convention suggested in this article: "" vs. Nygards simple sequential numbering scheme)

Architecture Decision Records in Action (experience of part of the IBM Watson team adopting ADRs, starting on slide #26, see interesting graphs of ADR growth over time)
*** see their observations, slide #33
*** see likes/dislikes, slide #36

Homepage of the ADR GitHub organization

Command-line tools for working with Architecture Decision Records

See this article too:
Interesting: the command line tool also supports being able to generate graphviz output for diagram generation (to visualize linked ADRs)
adr generate graph | dot -Tjpg > graph.jpg

Architecture decision record (ADR) examples

Links to some info on the Alexandrian form (that Michael Nygard references in his article):

A deeper look at Alexandrian form....
"the masterpiece, "A Pattern Language", by Christopher Alexander"
Note: Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language (APL) as an important influence in the patterns world.

Also Interesting: 
A Decision Modelling Language plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect


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