Saturday, September 05, 2015

2015-09-05 Saturday - ITV Code Generator, v0.8 beta

I spent some time today extending the data model of the ITV_Core product - now up to 112 tables.

I then ran the ITV_Code_Generator tool against that data model, and obtained the following results:

ITV Code Generator, Version, v0.8 beta
copyright 2001-2015, International Technology Ventures, Inc.

Total Tables Processed: 112
Total Files Created:        7,393
Total Lines of Code:       433,372
Run Time:                      Hours: 0  Minutes: 1  Seconds: 56  Milliseconds: 144

The tool is compiled with Java 8, within Eclipse Mars - leveraging a PostgreSQL 9.4 database

I currently have 34 target output language modules identified in scope for the tool.

The goal of the tool is to provide my consulting practice with a proprietary tool and intellectual property assets to accelerate development of custom solutions during client engagements - by eliminating a significant portion of the drudgery of foundational development work - so that more time can be spent on the creative and innovative aspects of design and development efforts.

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