Sunday, February 01, 2015

2015-02-01 Sunday - Microservices

The Seattle Java Users Group (Seajug) mailing list recently included a link that may be of interest to folks who wish to learn more about microservices...

And, you may be interested in reading the article by Martin Fowler and James Lewis (from March 25, 2014)

While attending QCon and Strange Loop conferences last year, I noted microservices were certainly garnering a large percentage of mind-share in the various scheduled sessions...

In my own consulting work, I have recently started working with a new client that uses RESTful services exclusively in their architecture (no classical Service Bus) - and most of which I would certainly consider classifying as microservices. This is quite a change from my last two client engagements (over the last 5 years) - who were strong adopters of the classical Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) - with heavyweight canonical message models.

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