Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013-09-25 Wednesday - Tooling to Support Continuous Deployment

This posting is a placeholder for resources links and notes about tooling that I find interesting to support DevOps in the challenges of Configuration Management and [Continuous?] Deployment.

For some somewhat agnostic overviews of tooling and processes that can support continuous deployment  in practice...these presentations may be of interest:

While many companies have stringent regulatory constraints that require more thoughtful and methodical approaches to deployment, I thought it worth noting how implemented a RADICAL (!) DevOps culture - as an inspiring example to challenge status quo thinking of "but-that's-not-the-way-we-do-things-here..."

A Wikipedia article - providing a sparse summary/survey of some open source solutions for automated deployment tooling...

There is a great deal of fast-paced innovation in the tooling space for deployment & configuration management – here are some of the tools (slightly listed in order of what I find to be interesting and innovative)…

Microsoft System Center 2012

Less sophisticated, but perhaps a good example of how some shops can still make improvements over manual processes...even if it is just by doing things with bare-bones scripting…for example, via Rex

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